Introductions et al.

Hello, all! I’m Kuro, and this is “Twisted Venus” – a one-stop repository for my essays on women, goddesses, and she-monsters who strike fear in the hearts (and loins) of men. This delves into ancient mythology, anthropology, popular culture, and even some biology. Fancy that.

That said, a warning: yes, there will be mild adult content on this blog. Most of it will be centered around the symbolism of such things. Succubi, my favorite monsters in existence, feed on sexual energy; you cannot truly talk about succubi if you take that aspect away. Aphrodite was created from Uranus’s severed genitals falling into the ocean, who is incidentally another guy. Korean vixens eat a guy’s liver after seducing him, and sometimes prepare illusion-colored feasts of flesh and maggots. It’s hard to get more adult than that. Mythology is like that. Deal with it.

Some of these entries will be potential fodder for a future book on the topic. Others will be pop culture commentary that focus on mythology, biology, or both. I’m a crazypants who dips her toes, and then swims around, in anything that isn’t history or math. That said, any math or history in here is fueled by pure passion.

Hm. Now where do I start? How about…the reason for this blog’s name?



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